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The CD of Free, Archived Epic Awesomeness (especially if you are a social studies teacher)

March 2, 2012

I used the word “epic” in a slang sense.

Ouch, I thought I would never lower myself to that.

No worry, because I feel like the best equipped history/geography teacher ever.  Today, I got this in the mail, for free, from that wonderful magazine of free scholarly articles about the Arab and Muslim worlds- Saudi Aramco World.

Archive DVD

This DVD is a searchable PDF Archive of this magazine issues 1950-2010.  It is full of interesting articles from history and modern day about virtually any part of the world, especially the Eastern Hemisphere, that has had contact with the Arab and Muslim worlds.  Articles about the history of chess, the history of yogurt, Melville, new sculpting arts in Egypt, the culturally colorful city of Kazan, Russia, the Indian textile industry, traditional Spanish-Arab music …and so much more.  I hope to use it as a resource to enhance my own knowledge as a teacher and perhaps have my students read some of the articles, depending on the reading level.

It’s free!  If you want a copy simply email your name and address to and request a copy of the 1950-2010 PDF Archive DVD.  That’s what I did, and yes, it is that simple!  Oh…and did I mention even the shipping is free??  (This magazine is funded by an oil company 😉 )  If you’re not interested in the Archive, you might simply be interested in getting a free subscription- visit 

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  1. March 14, 2012 2:13 am

    As someone who once turned her nose up at slang, and then embraced the world of nerdy-fandom, I understand the phrase “epic awesomeness” and I don’t judge. I also approve of your use of it to describe this archive. It is aptly described.

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