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February 13, 2013

VowsI have been very fascinated by these music videos by Kimbra the past two days- “Settle Down” & “Cameo Lover” (embedded below)  Kimbra, a 21-year old Kiwi, is a great performer, her music is definitely above the average pop-fare, and her videos are impressive.  I also find that I respect her and enjoy her stuff a lot.  Why?

1. She’s a real woman. Okay, yeah, she’s sexy, to use that word our culture is obsessed with.  But not because she flaunts her body like a whore the way so many pop artists do.  She’s attractive and dresses very attractively, but she has mystery, she doesn’t bare it all. I wouldn’t call her modest, but compared to Lady Gaga? Beyoncé? Surely. Kimbra doesn’t have to prove anything to her audience.  From what I’ve seen so far, she doesn’t seek to offer herself as a sexual idol (Why else would she wear shorts under her pink dress in “Cameo Lover”?)   Her appeal is in many other things.    She is just herself.  She is confident.

2. She knows how to communicate through her work.  Her music is simply fun to listen to, but there is even some meaning in the composition.  For example, towards the end of “Cameo Lover,” anticipation builds about the man’s decision to open up his heart with the beat building (and the men pounding their fists on the desks with it) and a new minor melody- “bohm bohm bohm bohm boooohm, bohm bohm bohm bohm, boooohm booooohm.”

3. Her message is realistic and/or positive. People can relate to what she is expressing, what she is singing about.  In “Settle Down” and “Good Intent” she seems to bemoan the lack of commitment among men for their women- something many can relate to for sure in our culture of infidelity.  “Cameo Lover” is a delightful, positive invitation for a man to open up his heart to love.

4.  She knows how to move! Her dancing is mesmerizing. But, as I expressed above, watching her doesn’t make me feel like I’m polluting my mind with sex from somebody else’s bedroom.  (Or what should be in their private bedroom)  When her dancing is more sexual, it’s part of the message of the song (“Good Intent”), not just for kicks.

5. Her voice is beautiful.

6. She has poise. Watch this interview with a New Zealand TV network to see it.

7. All this, and she is only 21.  She seems remarkably mature and seasoned for a performer her age, and the interviewer in the link above picks up on this.  Again, this goes back to sexuality.  She doesn’t flaunt her body like she has something to prove, as, sadly, other performers and actresses who come up through the ranks do so easily.  (I was quite disappointed, though not entirely surprised, when I read that Dakota Fanning agreed to a Playboy photo shoot to take place immediately after her 18th birthday.)  Kimbra sings about real issues as one with insight. Again, she is confident and intriguing.

So, I hope you enjoy Kimbra’s music and videos as much as I am.

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