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Children are a blessing.

February 15, 2013

Children are a blessing. Not merely cause they are cute, but because they force you to live life more intentionally. You can’t sail through life carelessly without hurting your child. Of course this is true with other people, but when you see the effect of your life on your child the conviction is much more intense. I would encourage any married couple who is nervous about starting to have kids, not to be afraid and get going. It is amazing.

When I ponder the love of my heavenly Father for his children, and how he showed it to us so sacrificially through Jesus Christ, it spurs me on to live sacrificially for my own child.  What a wonder it will be when all God’s children will live in perfect communion with him and each other in heaven.  The hope of that gives me strength to do what is right for my son.  It is my deepest prayer that he will join the family of God in heaven someday too.  That desire spurs me on to model the love and justice of God to him as well as I can, by God’s grace, so that he may desire to know God.Image

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