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My thoughts on… liberals (or just people I tend to disagree with)

March 16, 2013

I don’t hate liberals.

I don’t even dislike them.

Why? Because liberals are people.  And no matter how conservative my views, I am called to love my neighbor.  Didn’t the Good Samaritan help his Hebrew neighbor out?  He sure did.


Thanks for that lesson Veggie Tales, you were good to me. (“I can be your friend, La, La, La….”)

To their face, behind their back, I will never dis a liberal.  I may have in the past, but from this day forward, I won’t, and you can hold me to that.  I will probably disagree with their views, but I will not insult their person-hood.  Same goes for those who are more conservative than I am, with whom I get frustrated.  Why?  Because behind their opinions, everyone has a story.  Hurts, Joys, Failures, Opportunities, Successes, Tears, Laughter.  These things don’t make anybody’s opinions inherently valid, but they do remind us that behind every opinion is real person whom we are called to love unconditionally.

When we discuss ideas with people in such a way that we are not insulting their personhood, background, and intelligence, we magnify Jesus Christ and his reign over all things.  Why?  Not because we are being all lovey-dovey and ignoring problems.  It’s because when we treat each other with respect, then we listen to each other, and in listening to each other, we have the chance to discover a little more of God’s truth.  Because no one person understands all truth, even if they are a Bible scholar who embraces the idea that it is divinely inspired and inerrant.  Only God understands and knows all truth, including the precisely correct interpretation of his Word.  And he reveals some of this truth to all of us, whether through general or special revelation.  So if we aren’t willing to listen, we may miss out on an opportunity to learn something true.  Something true that God set in place.

And besides, when we are willing to listen, we may discover that we have more in common with that person than we imagined.

Additionally, nobody likes being put in a box with label.  I self-identify as a conservative, but I would not like to be put in a box with all conservative stereotypes.  Of course it’s impossible to never put someone in a box, because labels are a way of understanding people.  It’s just important not to seal the box.  So please don’t put me in a box and seal it, unless you are labeling me as a Christian- because I love and serve the risen Christ :-).

So please join me in disagreeing and debating respectfully, and loving unconditionally.

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