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4.5 Days as a Single Mother

May 3, 2013

Sometimes I have wondered what it is like for the single Czech mothers who stay home with their children on government support. Well, this week I am experiencing it since Matt is on this year’s Škola v Přírodě  (School in Nature) trip.  Originally Liam and I were slotted to go on this trip with the kiddos and teachers, because I wanted to share this experience with the students and because I was not keen on staying home by myself and a baby for the week.  I even wrote two architecture lessons for the two castles to be visited on the trip.  But last weekend Liam came down with a cold and we decided it just wasn’t wise for us to subject him the stress of travelling and living in an under-heated pension (retreat center in Ameri-speak).  So Matt departed on Tuesday with my architecture lesson plans and I embarked on a week of taking care of Liam by myself.


I easily get bored when I am by myself, so I set straight away to making some plans with friends, which has been really good.  Liam and I even ran into one friend on the street that I had been hoping to hang out with but hadn’t contacted, and we ended up spending the afternoon together after getting sushi with another friend.  And later that evening we got to go to our church “home group” which meets weekly for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study.  I love our home group. Yesterday I skyped with my mother-in-law, and last night we went to an open house for our school’s new building!

The thing that surprised me is that not having a husband at home to help me take care of a 4-month-old has actually amounted to less work, because I don’t have to think about what he wants to eat for dinner.  I can just eat whatever I want!  I don’t need to worry about having meat in a meal!  I can have a random pasta concoction for lunch and an egg salad sandwich for dinner!  He’d have liked these things, but I would have gone out and bought some more groceries to make a more substantial meal.  I love cooking for him but it’s been nice to get a vacation from that responsibility.

IMG_4872The ironic thing is that without Matt, this week would have been much harder, because he has played a huge role with me in establishing Liam’s routines and expectations.  It has certainly been a process ever since he was born and without Matt’s determination and wisdom to train him, Liam would expect to be held a lot more and rocked to sleep a lot more.  Which would have made this week more burdensome.  So it hasn’t been so bad.

Overall, I have more respect for single mothers this week.  It can’t be easy and raising children is challenging in the first place.  A single mother in our church recently had to bring her young daughter to the hospital for pneumonia.  I can’t imagine handling that situation on my own.  I know at least one person from church (besides the pastor) went to visit them in the hospital, and I am so glad the body of Christ is called to be like that- supporting and helping and loving each other.

I seek to treasure every moment with Liam because he is so precious to me.  I will be thankful when Matt is back to treasure him with me 🙂


Here is the Egg Salad I made.  Egg Salad is a new thing for me to make.  My mother-in-law kind of reminded me of its existence when she was here in January.  Yummy stuff!  I mixed together:

-4 diced boiled Eggs

-1/2 diced Red Bell Pepper

– heaping tablespoon of Mayo


– Celery Salt to taste

-lots of freshly cracked Black Pepper

– a few dashes of dried Parsley

  The red pepper gives it a nice crunch.  I like to eat my egg salad on toasted bread, because combined with soft bread it is all too mushy.  I’m learning that texture is important in cooking.

Yay for easy nutritious meals.

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