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It Only Takes A Spark: Guest Post on New England Camp Cedarbrook Blog

June 13, 2013

Some of my favorite memories from New England Camp Cedarbrook (Camp Cherith in my day) revolve around singing.  Before and after EVERY meal! At flag-raising! In the evening around a campfire! At devotions! I remember one summer when I was a CILT, we were thunder-stormed inside the dining hall and couldn’t do the all-camp activity planned.  But not to worry!  Cabin by cabin, we spontaneously competed to make up new verses to “Give Me Oil in My Lamp” and sang that one song for like….half an hour?  Something like that.  It was hilarious!  That was our all-camp – no rain-plan needed!  Another funny memory was that our CILT class (including counselors) had a vendetta of sorts against the “Crayon Box Song,” thinking it was too much on the corny side.  So whenever someone started it at breakfast, we would come back with “It Only Takes a Spark,” which we considered to be equally annoying.  (My apologies if you happen to enjoy either of those songs!)

I have visited and volunteered at a few other (wonderful) camps since then… Read the rest of the post at this link.

Do you send your kids to summer camp?  Christian summer camp was a great experience for me.  If you have a daughter or other important girl in your life, I highly recommend New England Camp Cedarbrook!  

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