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Becoming Church, Loving Church, Growing Church

March 2, 2015

Have you had doubts about church lately?  Maybe you like the concept of God and Jesus, but church is just a drag- boring, annoying, or you’ve been hurt.  You like Jesus, but church, eh, not so much.

This three-part message series on church brings the essence of faith in Jesus back into sync with what church is meant to be.  Church is central to the Christian faith because it is the body of people that Jesus came to save.  The series was preached to about 150 teens in our denomination plus leaders at a weekend retreat.  Jonathan Shirk is a dynamic, bold speaker- I hope you will find this series encouraging.  He makes his message relevant for anyone- non-Christian, new Christian, old Christian.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t include the powerpoint.  Sorry about that.  It was mostly scripture/quotes though, which he reads fully.  No pictures.  Shockingly he still held the teens’ attention with no graphics.  His preaching was that good!

Bonus points: He mentions “Frozen” as a positive example of love! Great movie!

“Be the change!”

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